Standing Up for an Equitable, Sustainable Economy on Capitol Hill as American Sustainable Business Council Staff and Members Again Conducted Virtual Fly-In Meetings with Congress in July

Media Release

Washington, D.C. — The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and business members from around the country came together virtually last week for a D.C. fly-in with several members of Congress and their staff to advocate for solutions and policies that support an equitable, sustainable, stakeholder economy. The visits were timed to take place in the middle of Senate negotiations, including a procedural floor vote, on the bipartisan infrastructure agreement, considered an important first step toward President Biden’s Build Back Better platform.

“Participation in the fly-in meetings is open to all ASBC members who want to be an advocate for their industry in the nation’s capital,” said Thomas Oppel, executive vice president of ASBC. “Attending the ASBC fly-in gives attendees a unique perspective on how federal policies developed in Washington, D.C. with input from ASBC impact businesses. It also gives ASBC members the chance to help shape that process. ASBC fly-ins are an opportunity to join fellow business leaders in speaking with one voice to lawmakers, administration officials, and regulators.”

From July 20-22, ASBC staff and business members again came together for virtual fly-in meetings with federal lawmakers in D.C. As with our earlier fly-ins and other outreach, the business case was made for policies that would facilitate a just, sustainable, stakeholder economy. With its fly-ins, ASBC creates unique opportunities for open communication between policymakers and responsible business leaders who offer a smart, sustainable view of “what business wants.”  

During the July fly-in, ASBC explained why U.S. businesses strongly support national paid family and medical leave, the National Infrastructure Bank bill, and the Relief for America’s Small Farmers Act. Also discussed was the inclusion of climate conservation core and suggested that the Clean Energy Standard be included in every package.

“The policies on which our members and we focus ladder up to the shared goal of changing the rules by which business is done so it is better for all people and the environment,” said Oppel. “There is no better time to join us in our advocacy and we encourage other interested businesses to become members to further accelerate progress.”

Legislative staff with whom ASBC and its members met included:

► Senator Casey 
► Senator Hassan 
► Senator Kelly 
► Senator Manchin 
► Senator Markey 
► Senator Sanders 
► Senator Sasse 
► Senator Schumer
► Congressmember Fitzpatrick 
► Congressmember Pocan