Social Economy Europe and the American Sustainable Business Council Mark Fifth Anniversary of the Paris Accord with Global Collaboration Announcement

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New Global Partnership 3 Million Strong To Uplift
Sustainability & Transform Capitalism

Washington, DC and Brussels, Belgium December 12, 2020—Social Economy Europe (SEE – and the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC – announced a global partnership today, honoring the fifth anniversary of the Paris Accord.  The organizations represent the leading mission-driven conveners, respectively within their geographies, for social economy enterprises, triple bottom-line businesses (people, planet, profit), and like-minded affiliated organizations with a combined SEE/ASBC membership that exceeds 3.1 million. Together they aim to amplify public policy potential in global capitals.

“This strategic partnership is an opportunity to work together in building an economy that works for people and the planet,” said SEE President, Juan Antonio Pedreño. “Social economy enterprises such as cooperatives, mutuals, associations, public interest foundations and social enterprises; and sustainable business can do a lot together to tackle some main challenges of our time as rising inequalities, climate change or social exclusion. We are stronger together and ready to build a better future for all.”

Starting by joining forces to address the Paris Accord, the SEE/ASBC Partnership will be a high-impact, global business advocate for EU & U.S. Public Sector Societal Sustainability & Equality Transformation beyond borders, markets and silos. Additional objectives include:  

  • Responding to COVID by identifying opportunities to address building back better and fairer
  • Sharing best public policies to advance equitable and sustainable economies 
  • Elevating Sustainable Businesses and the Social Economy to Transform EU-US transatlantic relations and globally
  • Broadening, Deepening & Internationalizing Social Economy and Sustainable Business growth and partnership opportunities starting in the EU and USA
  • Aligning & Partnering to Develop Social Economy and Sustainable Businesses & their Value-Chain Ecosystems globally through B2B connectivity and in cooperation with collaborating International Organisations representing the global social economy
  • Creating a Permanent Global Business Dialogue on the contribution of social economy enterprises and sustainable businesses to the UN 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals.

“COVID and climate change have made the need for an equitable and sustainable economy even more clear,” said David Levine, ASBC President and co-founder. “The American Sustainable Business Council and ASBC member, 1worker1vote, recognize the important opportunity that this strategic cooperation with Social Economy Europe (SEE) provides. We are committed to combine forces to usher in a Social and Sustainable Economy on behalf of “humanity@work”.

ABOUT Social Economy Europe (SEE)
Social Economy Europe is the voice of the 2.8 million social economy enterprises and organizations in the European Union, that employ 13.6 million people and account for 8% of the EU’s GDP. Social Economy Europe has been a catalyst for new key initiatives at the European level, most notably the renewal of the European Parliament’s Social Economy Intergroup with the backing of over 80 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), belonging to the leading political constituencies.  Last June, the Social Economy Intergroup held an online hearing on Co-designing the European Action Plan for the Social Economy, as a leverage for the Economic and Social Recovery of Europe. Learn more at