Businesses Support Strong EPA, Welcome Resignation of Pruitt

Media Release

Washington, DC — Reacting to today’s announcement that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned, ASBC released a statement expressing support for a strong EPA. The following may be attributed to Policy Director Christine Blackburn:

“We support a strong EPA because protecting human health and the environment is a critical foundation for dynamic business and a vigorous economy. Our member companies prove every day that caring for people and the planet can be very profitable.

“While we are happy to see Pruitt be held accountable for his actions, we will not stop the fight to end harmful deregulation at the EPA or to push for transparency in the agency’s decision-making. Reversing environmental and human health safeguards encourages bad actors to hide behind a false choice of either protections or profits. Legacy businesses may need to be propped up in this way, but it merely delays the transition to a sustainable economy, where all businesses operate on the triple bottom-line of people, planet and profit.”