Media Release

The ability to conduct business depends on the rule of law and equal justice, which came under attack yesterday when domestic terrorists assaulted and ransacked the U.S. Capitol building and disrupted and threatened members of Congress while executing the business of the American people.

For that reason, the American Sustainable Business Council, representing more than 250,000 businesses believes several critical steps must be taken immediately to restore the rule of law and hold accountable those terrorists and those who encouraged, enabled and/or incited them.

  1. Vice President Michael R. Pence with the Cabinet should immediately invoke the 25th Amendment to remove all presidential authority from Donald J. Trump. Congress should immediately move to impeach and convict Trump to hold him accountable and assure he will never hold another office of public trust again.
  2. Congress should establish an independent investigation of the horrific and sickening events of January 6th to examine the apparent failure to properly prepare for the possibility of violence which had been signaled for weeks; to hold accountable those charged with preparing and protecting people and property; to establish responsibility and bring to justice the terrorists who stormed the Capitol and its grounds and those who aided and abetted them; and to examine the widely different responses to the events of January 6th and the far more aggressive preparation and response to largely peaceful protests in Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington and in other cities around the nation last summer.
  3. The pervasive influence of anonymously sourced and unlimited political campaign financing at all levels of government, equating a vote purchased to a dollar invested with no accountability, encourages the spread of false and misleading information and undue influence peddling, creates division and wreaks havoc on moral and legal guardrails defending democracy and the rule of law. ASBC and our members call on all private and public companies to commit to full transparency in their political contributions and lobbying efforts and to broadly support needed campaign finance reform.  In response to the January 6th armed attack on the U.S. Capitol, ASBC calls for a comprehensive divestment campaign of all resource support for elected officials found guilty or implicated in aiding, encouraging or inciting attacks undermining our democracy.

Now is the time for business to commit to a responsible and transparent engagement in our political system thereby ensuring the rule of law is upheld so we can move forward to build a strong equitable and sustainable economy.