Broad Coalition Supports Legislation to Promote Federal Purchasing of PFAS Alternatives

Media Release

The American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) and a broad coalition of 192 sustainable businesses and advocates are proposing legislation to steer federal procurement toward safer alternatives to the “forever chemicals” known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (or PFAS).

The federal government is the world’s largest purchaser of goods and services – over $600 billion annually. Steering federal purchasing toward PFAS-free products would reward innovation and support companies that already market products that are free from intentionally-added PFAS. PFAS are known as the “forever chemicals” because of their extreme persistence in the environment, despite the scientific consensus that they pose risks to human health at very low levels of exposure.

“The power of federal procurement will help end the cycle of PFAS contamination of the environment. It’s a common sense, non-regulatory approach to encourage alternatives. Business has and can continue to provide PFAS free alternatives”
-David Levine, President, American Sustainable Business Network

Federal agencies have been directed by President Biden’s Executive Order 14057 and accompanying directives to “prioritize the procurement of substitutes” for PFAS-containing products. However, implementation is hampered by bureaucratic red tape and could take years under existing laws. The legislation we propose greatly accelerates implementation of the Executive Order.

ASBN urges Congress to adopt the coalition’s proposal to support the many proactive businesses that have adopted innovative alternatives, protect the many businesses and local economies that depend on consistent supplies of clean water, and foster a transition to a sustainable and circular economy

The proposed legislation supported by ASBN would accelerate implementation of a Biden Administration Executive Order designed to encourage substitutes for PFAS containing products and reduce the risks associated with them to the American public.

About American Sustainable Business Network:

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Media Contact:
Colton Fagundes, Policy Director, American Sustainable Business Network