ASBC Applauds Appointment of Gina McCarthy as White House Domestic Climate Coordinator

Media Release

WASHINGTON – Reports that former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will be named by President-elect Biden as White House Domestic Climate Coordinator is yet another welcome signal of the priority his administration places on dealing with the climate crisis, the American Sustainable Business Council said today.

“Gina McCarthy will provide the strong leadership necessary to coordinate this nation’s response to the climate crisis and to advance innovative solutions to move our country toward a stronger economy working collaboratively with the business community,” said David Levine, co-founder and President of ASBC, which represents over 250,000 responsible businesses and investors committed to sustainable business practices.

“She has demonstrated that economic prosperity is not only at odds with environmental protection, but in fact the steps needed to protect our planet can be a key economic driver in the 21st Century,” said Levine.  “The President-elect made clear in his campaign this year that it’s a  false choice to suggest we must pick either a healthy economy or a healthy environment.  Not only can we have both, we must have both, and Gina McCarthy is an excellent choice to work domestically while Secretary John Kerry works internationally to execute the President-elect’s bold climate vision.”

Levine noted that McCarthy has a long track record of looking to market tools to create environmental solutions, while growing business and creating jobs.  

“That track record perfectly aligns with the membership of ASBC, committed to finding long-term solutions that make good business sense, while also protecting our environment and our planet,” said Levine.  “ASBC looks forward to working with Gina McCarty to advocate for policies that fulfill President-elect Biden’s commitments by simultaneously benefiting the environment and the U.S. business sector.”