ASBC and Social Venture Circle Look Forward to Working with John Kerry, Climate Envoy to the Biden Administration

Media Release

WASHINGTON — The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and Social Venture Circle (SVC), as well as the 250,000 responsible businesses we represent, applaud the creation of the Climate Envoy role within the National Security Council and welcome the appointment of former Secretary of State John Kerry to the role.  

“Elevating this as a cabinet-level position and naming someone of Secretary Kerry’s prominence is another indication of the priority President-Elect Biden places on dealing with the climate crisis,” said ASBC President and co-founder David Levine.  “The President-elect made climate a key part of his campaign and this demonstrates his intention to follow through in his administration. Together we can address both the climate crisis and Build Back Better as we create a stronger economy” 

ASBC is also very supportive of the expected announcement later this month of a Climate Policy Coordinator who “will match” the high level of the Climate Envoy from within the White House, according to the Biden team’s press release on the matter. While Secretary Kerry is expected to focus on international relations regarding climate, the White House Climate Policy Coordinator will handle the domestic side. 

Long-time member of ASBC, Climate Action Business Alliance’s Michael Green noted that, “the appointment of this position stands in dark contrast to the lack of urgency that has riddled the current administration. The Biden administration will mark a return to trusting science and finding solutions to the urgent crisis of our time. From the public health and economic crisis to climate change, we will be ready to work with Mr. Kerry and this administration to us move forward as a nation.” 

As the Biden-Harris team continues to demonstrate its dedication to building towards stronger environmental stewardship and a healthy planet, ASBC and our business and investor leaders stand ready to work together to achieve the climate goals that need to be met. 

“There are no jobs on a dead planet,” said ASBC Executive Vice President Thomas Oppel.  “The President-Elect has consistently emphasized the connection between a healthy planet and a healthy economy, and these announcements reinforce that emphasis.”