The Ampersand Group unites the American Sustainable Business Network with the National Supplier Diversity Institute to Advance Local Diverse Business Initiatives and Collaborative Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in Clean Energy Industry

Media Release

New York – The Ampersand Group, facilitator of multi-stakeholder economic ecosystems, connects the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN), a movement builder organization committed to mobilizing business and investor communities toward a sustainable economy, alongside the National Supplier Diversity Institute (NSDI), a supplier diversity B2B/B2G marketplace that advances economic development pathways and local content compliance for suppliers and public-private buyers, to leverage partnerships, resources, and networks to support small/diverse businesses and diverse stakeholders within industries such as offshore wind, maritime, transportation and construction.

ASBN’s national affiliate and member network emphasizes justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion as the foundation for conducting their organizational, business, programmatic, community, and investment activities. The Ampersand Group’s partnership with NSDI’s nationwide series of Diverse Business Development State Activation Days and Networking Events in conjunction with urban planning firm Karp Strategies provides opportunities to expand aligned resources and reach while supporting programming for diverse communities and BIPOC businesses within ASBN’s affiliate and member base.

“Through strategic partnerships and collaborative economic development strategies, we are co-building inclusive multi-stakeholder, regenerative economies – driven by the renewable energy industry.” Angele’, &Group, Managing Partner. “Uniting ASBNs sustainable business initiatives and network with NSDI’s efforts to expand local opportunities for diverse businesses in the clean energy industry will transform the landscape of diverse businesses across the country - providing access and opportunity for traditionally underserved communities.”

“We are building a movement of business organizations and investors to create a more just and sustainable economy and society.” – David Levine, ASBN Co-Founder, and President. “This work that we do – although broad and diverse – is driven by our 30+ State Affiliates, more than 12 working groups, and our broad community that impacts change. Being able to impart education within the business community, engaging BIPOC business owners, and partnering with community stakeholders builds the case for how we can move towards a more sustainable economy”.

This partnership will advance a comprehensive plan that propels multi-stakeholder engagement and diverse business engagement in the clean energy industry. Our collaboration supports the shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sustainable sectors as an important step towards creating a more just and equitable future for all. The plan includes partnering with BIPOC-owned businesses and organizations, providing educational opportunities, and access to resources to support diverse-owned businesses in the industry.

Collaborative programming within ASBN and NSDI will also encourage other industry leaders to join in this effort to leverage partnerships and resources to advance sustainable, equitable growth. This work within NSDI drives a supplier diversity training network and advances opportunities and capacity building for small and diverse sellers with public-private buyers.

About Ampersand Group:

The Ampersand Group [&Group] facilitates public-private, people-centered strategic partnerships to co-design sustainable economies and inclusive civic infrastructures. Through PESTLE analysis and design thinking practices, the &Group facilitates collaborative multi-stakeholder networks that foster regenerative economies and ignite social innovation through equitable supply chain development – connecting people & places to promote local business, training & development, and solutions to systemic challenges.

About American Sustainable Business Network:

The American Sustainable Business Network partners with business organizations and companies to advocate for solutions and policies that support an equitable, sustainable stakeholder economy. ASBN is a multi-issue, business organization advocating on behalf of all sectors, sizes, and geographies of industry. ASBN and its association members collectively represent over 250,000 businesses across our networks. ASBN is coalition-focused in our approach to solving the pervasive and systemic issues of climate and energy, infrastructure, circular economy, and creating an inclusive just stakeholder economy. ASBN is changing the rules by which business is done so it is better for all people and the environment.

About the National Institute for Supplier Diversity:

The National Supplier Diversity Institute ™ is a B2B/B2G marketplace that advances economic development pathways and local content compliance for suppliers and public-private buyers that are Engineering Equity For All ™