The American Sustainable Business Council Says Court Decision Against Net Neutrality Points to Need for Congress to Act

Media Release

WASHINGTON DC — The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), representing the public policy interests of more than 250,000 responsible businesses, today expressed disappointment at the decision by the U.S. District Court of Appeals to uphold much of the FCC’s 2017 repeal of Net Neutrality rules for regulation of the Internet. 

“This ruling is not helpful for any business that is not an ISP,” said Jeffrey Hollender, CEO of ASBC and Founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation. “What’s clear is that the Senate must take up and pass the Save the Internet Act, which passed the House in April this year.

“The repeal of the 2015 Net Neutrality rules undermines our market economy by handing internet access providers immense power to steer businesses and customers one way or another. That could result in the potential for escalating fees for businesses just to reach customers,” he said.

“Overall, the loss of net neutrality will lead to continued consolidation and decreased success for entrepreneurs and other small businesses. The net result will be reduced business productivity, innovation, and growth overall. A free and open internet is essential for innovation, economic empowerment, and business growth, said Hollender.

Also, Mac Clemmens, CEO of Digital Deployment, a CA-based web development company, and member of ASBC said, “Many of our customers are nonprofits and community organizations, and they would become the losers in a pay-for-play environment. Our customers could face having to pay to get out of new slow lanes that ISPs are now empowered to create. The Obama-era rules prevented slowlaning customers, by requiring all traffic to be unhindered, just as it has been for the entire history of the internet. That policy worked really well. Congress should re-establish those rules once and for all.” 

ASBC has released a white paper, “The Business Case for Net Neutrality.” It describes the risks to business and the economy from the loss of net neutrality protections. It may be found here: