The American Sustainable Business Council Applauds President Biden’s Inclusion of Human Infrastructure in the Build Back Better Agenda

Media Release

Washington, D.C.— The American Sustainable Business Council applauds President Biden’s historic announcement of the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, a provision that expands the definition of infrastructure to a human dimension traditionally neglected by policy makers. As our country begins to heal from the wounds of Covid-19, it’s clear that in addition to projects that exclusively focus on traditional components of infrastructure such as concreate and steel, we need to invest in the human infrastructure critical to today’s economy and society. The President’s focus on areas like health care, education, paid family and medical leave will not only help pave our way out of the crisis, they will enable us to “build back better.” 

The American Families Plan provides American workers with access to paid family and medical leave; two-years tuition-free community college; and prekindergarten for all three- and four-year olds in the U.S. Additionally, the legislation allocates hundreds of millions of dollars to fight child poverty and guarantee affordable childcare nationwide. As an essential compliment to the American Jobs Plan, Biden’s new proposal acknowledges the importance of the human factor within the Build Back Better agenda. For business, this means healthier and more productive customers and employees. 

For over a decade, the American Sustainable Business Council has advocated for providing Americans with paid family and medical leave, particularly now that front-line workers are dealing with the consequences of the pandemic every day. We believe that no one should miss a paycheck while recovering from sickness or while taking care of a loved one. Including paid leave benefits for those who kept our country running over the past year must be a priority for any plan to jumpstart our economy.