The American Sustainable Business Council Announces Support for the Climate Strike

Media Release

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), representing the public policy interests of more than 250,000 responsible businesses, today announced its support for the student-organized climate strikes scheduled for September 20 and 27, 2019. 

“Addressing the climate crisis is an historic business opportunity,” said David Levine, President of ASBC. “But first, the federal, state and local governments and all businesses must take seriously the threats from the climate crisis. Already American businesses are being hurt by climate-related extreme weather and changing weather patterns. The damage includes supply chain disruptions, harm to facilities, and increased energy and employee health costs. We need dramatic changes in public policy that will drive business innovation, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and move us to a sustainable and healthy economy based on 100% renewable energy.”

In collaboration with the student strike organizers, and leading brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, Lush Cosmetics and Patagonia, ASBC recruited many businesses to support the strike. That support ranges from shutting stores and operations, to simply supporting employees who want to join the strikes. The list may be found here:

All businesses that support the strikes are encouraged to sign on with ASBC. The statement and sign-on form may be found here:

ASBC members also voiced their support for the climate strikes.  

Seventh Generation’s Advocacy and Movement Building Manager Kate Ogden said, “As business leaders we have a key role to play not only in striving for sustainable business practices  but in advocating for systemic solutions that bring an end to the age of fossil fuels and support a just transition to clean, renewable energy.” 

Badger Balm’s Co-CEO Emily Schwerin-Whyte said, “We are committed to doing our part to fight climate change. We believe it is the most pressing issue facing us as individuals and as a business. On the 20th, we will join other companies, including Seventh Generation, Patagonia, Lush Cosmetics, Ben & Jerry’s in supporting and elevating the message of the youth-led Global #ClimateStrike. In addition to closing for the day and giving employees paid time off to volunteer at local regenerative farms and participate in local demonstrations, our website will “go green” for 24 hours with a digital strike. And from Sept. 16-27, five percent of all sales generated on will be donated to to aid in preserving the Amazon’s ecological systems.” 

Sustain Natural’s Co-Founder and CEO Meika Hollender said, “I grew up believing all businesses were on a mission to make the world a better, more sustainable place. Clearly, that has not been the case. As we have seen over the last few decades, both business and government have put short-term interests ahead of long-term global prosperity. The climate crisis is just that, a crisis. It requires each and every one of us to go above and beyond, to take to the streets, to change the way we operate every day, and to loudly demand change. Sustain is proud to join over 175 businesses on September 20 to ask our global leaders to enact policies that will preserve our shared home.” 

SerendipiTea’s Co-founder Linda Villano said, “Climate change is the number one crisis facing the global population. Our governments have failed us. The herculean responsibility of leading the charge in altering the terrifying direction we are headed lies with private businesses, NGOs, NFPs & concerned citizens. We must use our voices, our votes, our platforms (whatever they may be) to demand that those in positions to make changes do so for the benefit of ALL & to raise awareness, loudly, consistently, tirelessly. We must vow to alter our own habits, to be mindful of how & what we consume, to be cognizant of changing everything that adversely effects the vast & only environment we have.”  

Grove Collaborative’s CEO and Co-Founder Stuart Landesberg said, “It is in Grove’s nature to think of the next generation in the choices we make today.  We are so inspired by the youth movement that has grown so rapidly around the urgency of climate and environmental action.  Grove Collaborative is proud to join other mission driven organizations joining in support of the student activists. May we all follow their lead and look for actions, big and small, that we can take every day to lessen our impact and create positive change.”