Statement from the American Sustainable Business Network on the 2023 State of the Union Address

Media Release

“Let’s finish the job.”

A phrase President Joe Biden repeated throughout his State of the Union address last night. Bold and impassioned, his message to the nation was clear – let’s finish the job.

On the topic of climate resilience – let’s finish the job, rebuilding America’s infrastructure – let’s finish the job, economic recovery and stability for workers and families – let’s finish the job.

The American Sustainable Business Network and our member organizations applaud the Biden Administration’s efforts to address the growing social and environmental challenges our economy faces, and stand ready to support public policies that advance our vision of a just and sustainable economy.

One of the most significant barriers to realizing that vision is the climate crisis, which Biden called an “existential threat” that doesn’t care if you live in a blue state or a red state. As ASBN continues to engage with government agencies and policymakers on behalf of the business and investor community, we are confident that the Administration’s commitment to eliminate climate pollution will strengthen our efforts to advance environmental justice legislation, slow the rate of climate change, and protect the health and safety of communities across the country.

Biden spoke on the historic investment and passage of the Inflation Reduction Act – one of ASBN’s most impactful policy achievements of 2022. ASBN and several of its members spent years communicating our priorities and making the business case for climate solutions on a state and federal level. We were pleased to hear the Administration reaffirmed its commitment to climate action and resilience.

ASBN also commends the Administration on its commitment to economic recovery and job creation for the millions of Americans whose existing economic instability was exacerbated by the pandemic. Last year, ASBN and members joined US Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh to highlight the Administration’s Good Jobs initiative – a coordinated effort to recruit, retain and strengthen the American workforce through investments in job quality.

We have long championed the high-road business model which encourages business leaders to approach their work and workforce from a more holistic angle. This model helps businesses to see their employees, the communities in which they operate, and the products and services they provide as equally vital to their profits and financial success. We know that many employers care deeply about their workforce and want to invest and innovate to support them, even in – or especially in – difficult times. ASBN will continue to lift up these best practices and identify opportunities and solutions that support the Administration’s push for full economic recovery.

The issues facing our economy are not partisan – they’re American issues that impact us all. Through continued partnership and support, ASBN and its members look forward to working with the Administration to “finish the job.”