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EILEEN FISHER: more than a brand. We are a culture and an ethos born of passionate individuals who work as we live, using good design to inspire creativity, cultivate connection and instill confidence. By reflecting these values in our craft, clothing, workspaces and interactions, we celebrate the vital dynamic between one and many.

We design clothes consciously, working with purpose,
to build business for good.

Eileen Fisher is an American designer known for blending trend and timelessness. In 1984, motivated by her own wardrobe needs and a desire to put design ahead of fashion, Eileen Fisher created a new breed of clothing that acts as a go-to system for modern women. She is especially known for her simplicity and socially conscious practices.

As a socially conscious company, EILEEN FISHER is committed to using all facets of the business to enhance social and environmental well-being.  With timeless design at the essence, they offer sustainably-produced clothing, while seeking the best practices throughout the lifecycle of their products.  They also support projects that empower women around the globe, engage in policy issues, and take measures to improve and safeguard the welfare of the people in their supply chain.  One project, even one conversation at a time, is an action creating impact.

In 2015, EILEEN FISHER became a certified B corporation, affirming its long-term commitment to financial, social and environmental sustainability.  Earlier that year, it announced its bold social and environmental goals for the year 2020, which are expressed in eight distinct categories:  conscious business practices, fair wages & benefits, worker voice, worker & community happiness, materials, chemistry, water and energy.  This work is being shepherded by a cross-functional team of leaders who are deeply committed to co-creating a new way of making and selling clothes in this age of scarcity.

As the website states, “Our vision is for an industry where human rights and sustainability are not the effect of a particular initiative but the cause of a business well run.  Where social and environmental injustices are not unfortunate outcomes but reasons to do things differently.”  EILEEN FISHER calls this, “Business as a Movement.”