Skoll World Forum: Inclusive Economic Prosperity for All- An Integrated Stakeholder Approach


American Sustainable Business Council is pleased to be hosting a virtual Skoll World Forum Ecosystem Day event. There is a massive need for investment in overlooked, under-resourced, and underestimated communities across the United States. The good news is that there are a growing number of communities taking ownership of their economies. There are more local developments and enterprises emerging that are helping to build more just, inclusive, and sustainable communities and economies. Learn about investable examples throughout the U.S. that are deploying capital, real estate, policy, design, and climate solutions to uplift their communities from within. This conversation amongst Valerie Red-Horse Mohl (East Bay Community Foundation), Carmen Huertas-Noble (1 Worker 1 Vote), Damien Goodmon (Downtown Crenshaw), Clay Colombe (Rosebud Sioux Economy Development Corporation), and April De Simone (Trahan Architects) will cover compelling case-studies and the necessary public policy solutions required to implement this work on a broader scale.

The 2022 Skoll World Forum is free and open to allREGISTER for the larger forum by April 4th.

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