Shifting the Mindset from Despair to Determination on Climate Change


The American Sustainable Business Network’s Livable Planet Working Group presents, “Shifting the Mindset from Despair to Determination on Climate Change.” Anthropocentric climate change is an ecological and social punch to the gut, and no longer a thing of the future. Catastrophic events unfolding around feel overwhelming and too big to act on, but it is imperative that we face them head on, and not get distracted by multiplying stimuli. This panel will shake you out of the spiral of doom and gloom and present the seemingly impossible problems as a series of opportunities for collective progress in this decisive decade. Join international experts working on the frontlines of the sustainability challenge to delve fearlessly into the science, and in doing so reframe the problems as a catalyst for courageous action and leadership on every level. This session is designed to level-set with the science and bring forth meaningful solutions that you, your family, businesses, networks, and the whole of humanity can put into action now.

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