Race & Equity Working Group Webinar: Protect the Elections


One of the main ways we can create more fair and just legislation is by voting for officials who will drive change. However, voter suppression – especially in Black and Brown communities – has proven to be a major area of concern and systemic oppression.

The Protecting the Election working group, a section of ASBC’s Race and Equity Working Group, addresses central voting issues such as access to polls, vote-by-mail reliability, bridging the generational gap that defines if and how people vote, and how grassroots organizations can continue to make positive change regardless of what federal policies may dictate. Join us for a Town Hall on Protecting the Election on Thursday, August 27th to learn what you can do as a leader in the business community to increase voter turnout. Voting is our pathway to bring racial equity to the forefront of legislation, and to therefore build a more fair and prosperous economy and society.

The Town Hall on Protecting the Election will be hosted by MaryAnne Howland, Chair of ASBC’s Race and Equity Working Group. Speakers will include Tequila Johnson, Co-founder and VP of The Equity Alliance, and Mark Hanis, Co-founder of Inclusive America and Progressive Shopper.