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Texas Sustainable Business Network Kick-Off


As Winter Storm Uri and other recent disasters have shown us, we can’t rely on a small, disconnected group of people to solve a problem as big as our energy and environment. With so much at stake in Texas— the second largest and second most diverse state in the U.S., home to “The Energy Capital of the World” and numerous Fortune 500 corporate headquarters — we are at a critical point with a massive opportunity to transition the region to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

To achieve this transition inclusively, equitably, and effectively, we invite key stakeholders from all sectors to join us in the Texas Sustainable Business Network (TXSBN). In partnership with the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN), TXSBN is building the infrastructure and coordination needed to educate, advocate, influence and impact policy and market shifts, while providing Texan representation at community, state, and national levels. We invite you to co-create a Texas-specific path that reinforces the reality that our businesses—the job creators in our society—can be powerful advocates for sustainability. Together, we can reimagine and advance a regenerative and resilient economy that counterbalances extractive and destructive practices from the past.

Join us for the conversation:

3:30-3:35: Welcome & Introductions

3:35-3:50: What the American Sustainable Business Network is and the goals of TXSBN

3:50-4:10: Texas Leaders share diverse perspective on why Texas needs a Sustainable Business Network

4:10-4:15: How you and your company/organization can engage and participate in TXSBN

4:15-end: Breakout Rooms and Networking: We want to hear from YOU!

What activities and resources should TXSBN offer?

As a business leader, how would you like to see Texas make progress in sustainability?

What questions do you have before joining?


THE MISSION (Learn more at

The mission of the Texas Sustainable Business Network (TXSBN) is to advance market solutions and public policies that ensure an equitable and sustainable economy benefiting all Texas communities. TXSBN believes that a sustainable economy creates shared prosperity, market driven environmental protection, and social justice through future-focused commitments. It is essential, morally and pragmatically, for business to play a critical, positive role in achieving this.

The time is now to support and spotlight business leaders who can champion a bold Texas future — leaders who understand we must pivot from extractive industry to regenerative innovation, and from short-term exploitation to long-term sustainable prosperity, or risk being left behind. TXSBN invites you to join values-based business leaders to form a powerhouse that builds lasting infrastructure, generates new policies, advances systemic change for a resilient and sustainable economy, and demonstrates it is possible for business to do well by doing good!