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Fixing Outmoded Election Laws for Business and the Economy


Fixing our outmoded election laws is not partisan; it is critical for business and the economy.

Due to loopholes in poorly written election laws, including the Failed Election Law of 1845 and the Electoral Count Act of 1887, there is a real risk that two candidates could claim the presidency, that Congress would be unable to make a determination, and a constitutional crisis would ensue.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or member of another party, we need a stable democracy in which everyone agrees on the rules. It is in the interest of the business community to prevent the crisis that could occur in the event of a disputed election.

The Electoral Count Reform Reform Act (ECRA) has been introduced by a bipartisan group of senators. We need the business community to step up and support their efforts before the 2022 elections so that we can avoid the potential risk to our government and economy in 2024.

This meeting brings together election law experts, Professors Rick Pildes (NYU) and Ned Foley (Ohio State University), and political science scholars, Stanford Professors Larry Diamond and Didi Kuo, to provide insights on the specific pieces of legislation being negotiated and provide a forum for our reform organizations to discuss priorities, share insights on ongoing congressional negotiations, and answer questions. A senate staffer will update us on the bill’s progress. Robin Weaver, president emerita of the Women’s National Republican Club, will act as moderator.

Please join us for this important and timely conversation hosted by Business for America, Leadership Now Project, Protect Democracy, and Reform Elections Now.

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