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Task Force: GSA RFP on Single-Use Plastic on the Federal Register


ASBN is assembling a task force of businesses and organizations who have experience or data on reducing or eliminating single-use plastic in their supply chains to respond to the General Services Administration (GSA) request for public feedback. As GSA is one of the largest procurement arms of the federal government (~$100B/yr), this RFP presents a strong strategic opportunity to learn and test alternative products and models to single-use products. ASBN’s network is well-positioned to provide input in response to the GSA’s questions. Over the coming weeks, the task force will assemble a response to submit in time for the 9/6 deadline, meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The kick-off meeting is scheduled for Thursday 7/28 from 2-3 pm ET.

Contact Stephanie Erwin to participate.