Fighting Climate Change and Building Regenerative Agriculture Supply Chains in the 2023 Farm Bill


In an increasingly uncertain economy, disrupted by severe and erratic climate conditions and global supply chain instability, regenerative agriculture represents a clear path forward for American businesses. Yet, these businesses have experienced barriers to fully bringing regenerative agriculture into their U.S. supply chains. In addition to the low number of agricultural producers trained in soil health practices, there are national supply chain gaps in the form of missing aggregators; limited processing and manufacturing capacity; and the associated shortages of skilled labor. Investments of resources in this “missing middle” is essential for both farmers to access existing markets and for brands and businesses striving to build new ones, but require the federal government’s partnership.

The American Sustainable Business Network and the Regenerate America coalition are partnering on a webinar to explore this issue of the “missing middle” and how USDA and Farm Bill policy address it. This webinar is presented by the ASBN Regenerative Agriculture and Justice Working Group.

Panelists will include:
- Senator Peter Welch (D-VT)
- Calla Rose Ostrander – Managing Partner, Terra Regenerative Capital
Suzanne McDowell - Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, King Arthur