Climate Fingerprints: How Corporate Cash is Fueling the Climate Crisis, and What Businesses Can Do About It

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Recognizing that traditional CSR reporting is incomplete, out of date and does not fully account for business decisions that have significant impact on the climate crisis, Seventh Generation launched its Climate Fingerprints report, outlining a new framework to comprehensively measure climate impact. The Climate Fingerprints framework factors in the impact of all areas where the company invests resources – including banking, marketing, insurance and more – acknowledging the impact that corporate cash has on supporting the fossil fuel industry. Join Seventh Generation, as well as representatives from the movement-leading advocacy organizations Seventh Generation partnered with in the creation of this new approach.

Panelists include:

  • Mary Cerulli, Founder, Climate Finance Action
  • Duncan Meisel, Executive Director, Clean Creatives
  • Kate Ogden, Head of Advocacy and Movement Building, Seventh Generation
  • Jeffrey Hollender, CEO & Co-Founder, American Sustainable Business Network