Circular City Week
Public Policy & ‘Circularity’ – Business Can Move the Needle



ASBN, member mebl | Transforming Furniture and the Sustainable Furnishings Council present a three-part Circularity in Furniture webinar series as a part of Circular City Week.

How can companies support and inform critical public policy to advance the transition to a circular economy? Using examples from the furniture and home-cleaning products industries, we’ll explore opportunities for involvement by companies of all sectors, sizes and levels of policy engagement. Join us to learn more about circular economy policy in the US and how businesses can play an essential role in policymaking and advocacy for circularity. With momentum building on key policies – including extended producer responsibility, plastics bans, toxics legislation, and right to repair, along with new federal climate and infrastructure investment – this is an important time for the business sector to lead the change.

Panelists include Gat Caperton, President/CEO of Gat Creek; Jeffrey Hollender, CEO & Co-Founder of ASBN and Co-Founder & former CEO of Seventh Generation; and Stephanie Erwin, Director of Circular Economy Policy, ASBN. Moderated bySusan Inglis, Resident Expert and Educator in Chief at the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

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