A Briefing on the Biden Climate Plan with Tom Steyer


A growing number of private sector companies, business leaders and business associations are leading in addressing the climate crisis through innovations in their supply chains, reducing overall energy usage, shifting to renewables, changing the mix of their investments, and engaging on policy. ASBC convenes this triple bottom-line community.

To address climate change more impactfully, we need a comprehensive plan with a comprehensive set of policies at the national level.

Tom Steyer, Co-Chair of the Biden for President Campaign’s Climate Engagement Advisory Council, will present Vice President Joe Biden’s newly released Climate Plan to create 10 million new jobs, ensure transformative business development, and spur technological innovation that will fortify the nation in the face of an ever-worsening climate crisis.

He will be joined by business leaders to offer thoughts on the business role and responsibility in addressing climate change and the opportunity for public / private partnership.


1% for the planet


American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA)

American Renewable Energy Institute



Connecticut Sustainable Business Council

Elected Officials to Protect America

National Small Business Network

National Stewardship Action Council

New Jersey Sustainable Business Council

New York Sustainable Business Council

North Carolina Business Council

Organic Trade Association

Outdoor Industry Association

Social Venture Circle

South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce

Sustainable Furnishings Council

United States Green Chamber of Commerce