ASBN Live: Integrating Social Impact
A Blueprint for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses


Join us as we explore the transformative power of integrating social impact initiatives into your business model. Today’s consumers are increasingly drawn to businesses that prioritize social responsibility, community engagement, reducing environmental footprints, and ethical values, all of which help enhance brand reputation and customer loyalty. Learn actionable steps for seamlessly integrating social impact into your business operations that foster sustainable practices and drive business growth no matter if you’re a startup looking to create a brand identity or an established business seeking to revitalize your approach.

Key topics include:

  1. Understanding the importance of social impact in today’s business landscape
  2. Identifying relevant social causes aligned with your brand values
  3. Incorporating social impact into your business mission and culture
  4. Leveraging partnerships and collaborations for greater social impact
  5. Measuring and communicating the effectiveness of your social initiatives

Register today and discover how to build a business that makes a difference for your company, clients, culture, and community!

CARNEVALE is an industry-leading advanced software design and development agency trusted by globally recognized brands like Ford, Rockstar Games, and Pfizer. The Tech Collaborative is a Grand Rapids, MI-based 501c3 born out of more than 20 years of CARNEVALE experience providing low and no-cost technology services to nonprofits like The Hip Hop Museum, Van Andel Institute, and High Line NYC.

Lydia Kauffman

Lydia Kauffman
Project Manager at CARNEVALE and Director of the Tech Collaborative

Lydia Kauffman is a seasoned tech-industry leader known for her expertise in operations and passion for social impact. With a transformative vision, she expanded an agency’s social impact department into a thriving nonprofit organization called the Tech Collaborative which utilizes advanced technologies for positive change. Outside of the office, you’ll continue to find her engaged with the community as a yoga instructor, intuitive counselor, reading at the library, or buying second-hand at local thrift stores. Connect with her on LinkedIn.