Expediting Inclusive Resilience and Positive Impact Through Climate-Friendly, Community-Centric Adaptive Redevelopment


In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of business leadership and investments in community-based partnerships to expedite meaningful and transformative innovation, local capacity building, scalable solutions and holistic resilience and sustainability in the age of climate crisis.

Featuring 2 Innovative Models Driven By Fair and Equitable Commercial, Industrial and Residential Adaptive Redevelopment:

1. Hugo Neu Kearny Point Innovative Flood Risk Assessment & Water Resilience Study: Findings, Recommendations and Transferability for Climate-Impacted Urbanized Coastal Communities (Wendy K. Neu & Dominique Lueckenhoff, Hugo Neu)
2. Vancouver Heritage Commission First Nations Full Housing Retention Model for Social Housing That Supports People, Community, and Planetary Wellbeing (Alex Lau, Golden Properties Ltd & Mark Shieh, Tomo Spaces)