A Dialogue on the Opportunity to Advance Land and Ocean Conservation and a Sustainable Economy


The American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) and Businesses for Conservation and Climate Action (BCCA) invite you to join us for a dialogue with the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Wizipan Garriott, other administration leadership and Indigenous business leaders on the opportunity to advance land and ocean conservation and a sustainable economy.

The Department of the Interior has a solemn obligation to protect America’s lands, waters and ecosystems for future generations, and is taking bold initiatives including the America the Beautiful Initiative to meet that goal.

Co-stewardship represents the best of land conservation and enables local communities to conserve areas of tremendous cultural and economic importance. Conservation can drive economic output through the long-term protection of resources.

Carrying out this work in collaboration with Tribes will help fulfill this obligation. Since time immemorial, tribes have developed land and water stewardship practices across many diverse ecosystems on this continent. These practices are based on traditional ecological knowledge that has been accumulated over countless generations through observation and analysis. These practices were also focused on ensuring that ecosystems remained healthy and resilient for generations into the future.

Now is the time for a public-private partnership for ambitious action to protect our land and oceans to build a strong and sustainable economy.



Businesses for Conservation & Climate Action’s mission is to establish national, regional, and state policies that recognize sustainable, BIPOC and community- based businesses as compatible with healthy lands and oceans, and to enhance rather than exclude these sustainable businesses from conversations about resource access at every step of the decision-making process. Our work is guided by a firm commitment to social equity, local and traditional wisdom, and triple bottom line solutions that restore social, ecological and economic health.