ASBN Live: Branding through Sustainability


American Sustainable Business Network invites you to join us Wednesday, February 23rd at 1pm ET for Branding through Sustainability, an interactive webinar with Ted Carling (Ecotone Analytics), Ashleigh Penrod (Mess Hill), Joe Cecere (Little and Co), and Sara Olsen (SVT Group).

The creative folks that manage a company’s branding are critical in bringing the company forward into the new sustainability paradigm. Tried-and-true creative thinking exercises alone aren’t enough to tackle the wicked problems posed by understanding and managing all of the ways a company impacts the environment and society. Enter Impact Strategists, experts in impact measurement frameworks and best practices. With their powers combined, these teams create solid, actionable, impact strategies that go beyond ‘greenwash-y’ stories to capture market share, attract talent, and de-risk the turbulent future ahead of every business. Please join us in discussing the opportunity for brands to authentically manage their own sustainable future.