Adjusting Your Vision: State Adoption of a Racial Impact Note Act


Racial Impact Notes ask if pending legislation will eliminate existing racial and inequities or make the situation worse. It is a means of putting questions of structural racism and inequities on the table for examination. Such a mechanism exists in the state of Illinois where Dr. Tasha Green Cruzat of Children’s Advocates for Change led the advocacy efforts to enact a Racial Impact Note Act. In this webinar, Dr. Green Cruzat, and State Representative Camille Lilly, who sponsored and fought for the legislation, will describe the multi-year journey to passage of the Act, resistance encountered, and the implications of its enactment. This highly interactive lunch & learn event will feature businesses with innovative products and services that help companies and consumers improve their environmental impact. Attendees will leave the event inspired and aware of concrete actions they can take to combat climate change.