Pure Strategies, Inc.

Community Business Member

Pure Strategies aims to transform business to create a more sustainable future. Since 1998, it has provided leading sustainability consulting to companies such as Walmart, Stonyfield Farm, Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, and over one hundred others. Bob Kerr and Tim Greiner launched Pure Strategies at a time when traditional command and control regulations for environmental issues had reached their limit. Bob and Tim helped shift corporate focus from end-of-the-pipe solutions to proactive and systems-based approaches, with a focus on product design and supply chain management.

Pure Strategies’ team of experts continues to help build leading strategies, improve products and packaging, and shift supply chains toward better environmental and social performance. It also supports broader industry change by leading original market research with published reports that provide insights on best practices in and the business benefits of corporate sustainability – such as showing that sustainability is redefining the source business value. Pure Strategies co-founded the first ever scorecard for measuring corporate progress on material health known as The Chemical Footprint Project Project which is used by investors and across industries to advance sustainable chemicals management.