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MADE SAFE is known for being the only comprehensive human and environmental health certification program screening products across a wide array of household categories. It gives shoppers a way to know which products are free of harmful ingredients, as well as work with brands to provide a roadmap for manufacturing products with MADE SAFE ingredients not known or suspected to harm human health or ecosystems.

Going beyond product certification, MADE SAFE provides behind-the-scenes ingredient diligence work that informs companies on whether their ingredients are actual assets or liabilities. Companies can subscribe to its annual Ingredient Insights™ reports or work with its Supporter program to leverage our work and access our 360-degree approach for examining ingredients to consider human health, environmental, and ecosystem harm.

MADE SAFE brings world-class science to companies of every size, making it possible for companies to afford scientific, deeply researched and chemist-analyzed ingredient information. By providing this information, formulators, brands, and retailers can learn where potential ingredient issues may exist, manufacture MADE SAFE approved products, and improve strategies to become part of a circular and truly sustainable economy, demonstrating a brand’s commitment to value-driven, concerned consumers who care about clean ingredients and products.