Member Interview with Marcia Frieze, CEO of Case Medical


1.    Why is sustainability important to your business?
Case Medical serves the healthcare community with reusable devices and environmentally
preferred consumables and solutions. We believe that sustainability benefits the patient,
staff, the environment, our children, and future generations. At a time when we are faced
with climate change, water shortages, and unnecessary use of toxic and hazardous
chemicals, Case Medical provides alternatives that are safer and highly effective. We’ve
differentiated ourselves from other companies by taking a strong position on sustainability
and environmental preference.
2. How do you realize your vision for sustainability/what successes can you point to? 
At Case Medical, sustainability is not simply a good habit, it is the right thing to do for
people and for the environment. Case Medical is proud to display the US EPA Safer Choice
Label on its instrument chemistries. Our company is the only Medical Device Manufacturer
recognized by the US EPA as a Safer Choice Partner of the Year—and we received that
honor four times since the inception of the program, most recently in 2021. Our company
also participates in the Chemical Footprint Project and maintains an environmentally
preferred workplace using only chemicals and materials that are the safest in their class.
Each year we strive to surpass our previous score by continuously improving with a 93.67%
this year. In April, we were recognized by the New Jersey Commerce and Industry
Association (CIANJ) for being at the forefront of NJ companies building a green economy
with attention to alternative energy sources and building a successful and impactful
Environmental Social Governance Program.
3. What public policy priorities are of great importance to you at this time and why?
Clean air, clean water, and opportunity for all is something we value at Case Medical. By
creating a sustainable workplace, partnering with universities and government agencies, we
continue to develop safer, less harmful alternative products and processes. Using education
and continuous improvement we strive to create a community where ideas are shared,
innovation is valued, and safety and sustainability are paramount. We support clean energy
programs, safer chemical usage and the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act
addressing climate change. Based on our experience serving the healthcare community, we
hope that water quality and safer chemical usage becomes more of a public policy priority.
4. How does being part of ASBN help you to fulfill your goal(s)?
In 2020, Case Medical joined the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), now
called American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN). Our association with ASBN further
demonstrates our commitment to conducting business in an economically, ethically, and
environmentally sustainable manner. In advocating for a sustainable economy, ASBN and
its members commit to making the economy productive, resilient, competitive, and equitable
for businesses and their communities. This membership supports our mission to join with
others to address climate change, reduce waste, support a culture of sustainability and
advocate for safer policies and practices in healthcare and industry.


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