Dismantling Racism & Inequality
Community Investing for Institutions and Individuals

Dismantling Racism & Inequality | Community Investing for Institutions and Individuals

“Every dollar invested into a CDFI catalyzes another $8 of private sector investment in the community.” Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen

Moderator: Pam Porter


Babbie Jacobs

Dorothy Adams

Tom Abood

This session focuses on community investments that individuals and institutions can make to support dismantling racism and inequality.

While the focus is on individuals, institutions will find the investment experiences described are applicable to starting their community investment journey. In this session, we hear from individual investors from around the country who have put their dollars to work for community impact through investments in Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI). These investments seek to dismantle racism and inequality in Native, Black, and Brown communities across the country.

Investors will share the impact they have seen as their investments supported affordable housing, entrepreneurship, childcare, education, and assistive technology.

We also showcase groundbreaking research titled, “Helping Individuals Find Investment-Ready CDFIs” published in 2022 by ASBN members Pam Porter and Babbie Jacobs. Their research identifies over 70 CDFI loan funds that have programs set up to take investments from investors and institutions, as well as resources to locate FDIC-insured CDFI banks, credit unions, and resources.

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