Blockchain, NFTs, & Metaverse For Good

Blockchain, NFTs, & Metaverse For Good

American Sustainable Business Network presents Blockchain, NFTs, & Metaverse For Good. Hear how our orgs and community can understand these new technologies and utilize them for good!

Hear from an incredible group of leaders hailing from traditional finance that have jumped into this exciting space: Adam Carlton, expat senior traditional finance consultant and now CoFounder and CEO of Pink Panda; Rose Yee, chair of the social good advisory board for Pink Panda and CEO of Green Retirement; Nancy Andrews, and Gene Truono, head of compliance for Pink Panda and former Chief Compliance Officer for Paypal amongst other compliance positions at JP Morgan Chase and American Express.

Hear thought leaders share the latest evolutionary jumps from these exciting emerging fields that hold so much promise for us individually and collectively. The group will also go deeper into their vision to decentralize finance and especially how this group is going about creating a technology ecosystem and tools that can help onboard the folks that really could benefit from these coming technologies. For instance, underserved populations needing financial inclusion, identity verification and access.


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