US Composting Council

Association Members

The US Composting Council advances compost manufacturing, compost utilization, and organics recycling to benefit our members, society, and the environment. It believes compost manufacturing and compost utilization are central to creating healthy soils, clean air and water, a stable climate, and a sustainable society

The USCC was formed in 1990 and has grown since to about 800 members, about 550 of whom are manufacturers of compost, with the remainder in compost research and soil science; consulting; marketing; allied products and compostable products, as well as individuals and enthusiasts. About a third of the membership is local, state and federal government employees, many of whom are in the business of compost manufacturing or organics collection and education.

The Council is focused primarily on large-scale compost manufacturing and marketing, and includes training and education of compost facility operators; certification programs for quality compost; and lobbying and advocacy campaigns at the state and federal level.