Think Local First DC

Association Members

Think Local First DC (TLF) is a non-profit membership organization of 150+ locally-owned, independent businesses in Washington DC. Think Local First DC was founded in 2006 by the Latino Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) and spun-off in 2010 to form an independent organization.

TLF envisions an interconnected community of locally-owned businesses who drive sustainable economic development in Washington DC.

TLF works with independent businesses, consumers and policymakers to grow a sustainable, local economy in Washington DC.

TLF’s goal is to transform DC’s economy by strengthening the voice of the local business community and implementing programs that increase the sustainability of their business practices. TLF facilitates sustainable economic development through the following:

  • Educate: TLF educates consumers, businesses, and policymakers about the benefits of supporting DC’s local, independent businesses through the “Think Local First” marketing campaign.
  • Nurture: TLF connects entrepreneurs to each other through networking events, workshops, and cooperative purchasing groups, in order to strengthen and grow the local business community.
  • Advocate: TLF advocates for public policies that support the growth of DC’s local businesses and leads to a more local, fair, and sustainable economy.