Sustainable Food Trade Association

Association Members

SFTA’s mission is to unite and support organic food businesses in implementing leading-edge environmental, social, and economic sustainability practices in their businesses and across the supply chain from farm to consumer.

SFTA emerged from a multi-year sustainable business incubator program at the University of Oregon’s Center for Resource Innovations and is grounded in solid principles and practical experience in agriculture, organics, science, business, social issues, policy and sustainability frameworks. It was launched in 2008 as a partnership between diverse mission-aligned organic food companies committed to driving continuous improvement in their own businesses and the wider industry through education, action, collaboration, and research.

SFTA unites businesses and allied partners across the supply chain to raise the bar in the course of operations and across the industry. SFTA supports reporting and performance improvement with a “Declaration of Sustainability,” a roadmap toward more sustainable practices. SFTA’s  membership is comprised of a diverse mix of organic producers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across North America.