Social Venture Circle

Association Members

Social Venture Circle connects, supports, and inspires business leaders and social entrepreneurs in expanding practices that build a just and sustainable economy.

SVC works to achieve this mission by:

Convening CEOs and founders: SVC focuses on building valuable peer-to-peer relationships among high-impact, innovative business leaders

  • Bringing entrepreneurial thinking to everything it does: SVC helped incubate many of the world’s leading organizations advancing sustainable business, including BSR, BALLE, Net Impact, and ASBC
  • Fostering an active collaboration model: SVC fosters active collaborations among members to create new ideas, partnerships, and solutions
  • Engaging members holistically: SVC supports the entire person and develops both personal and professional leadership
  • Continuing to pioneer a new path: With a 24-year history, SVC is the network of pioneers of socially responsible business. SVC and its members are innovating every day.
  • SVC connects members to a growing community of innovative business leaders and social entrepreneurs to help them improve their businesses, enhance their leadership, and expand their impact.