Responsible Wealth

Association Members

Responsible Wealth (RW) is a network of over 700 business leaders and wealthy individuals in the top five percent of income and/or wealth in the U.S. As beneficiaries of economic policies tilted in their favor, these individuals advocate for fair taxes and corporate accountability. Their message is simple, and surprising to some: we can afford to pay more; we don’t need any more tax breaks.

Members of Responsible Wealth recognize that their own prosperity and success would not be possible without the foundation of a strong public education system, an effective transportation network, a strong legal system and more. RW members are bound by their commitment to supporting the public investments from which they have greatly benefited.

Responsible Wealth members actively engage in high-profile tax fairness advocacy in a variety of ways, including:

  • Speaking out to the media about economic fairness issues (taxes, wage issues, budget issues, corporate accountability, etc.)
  • Lobbying state legislators or Congress
  • Participating in RW’s shareholder accountability initiative
  • Directly supporting grassroots tax fairness organizing work in their states