Ohio Sustainable Business Council

Association Members

Ohio Sustainable Business Council (OSBC) believes that the small business community must play a key role in growing our economy in a manner that create good jobs and lays the foundation for sustainable economic growth and a strong middle class. Our goal is to ensure that Ohio small businesses that support sustainability have a voice and active presence in the policy making process both in Columbus and in Washington, D.C.

Ohio Sustainable Business Council aims to fulfill the following mission:

  1. Counter the narrative that conservative business groups represent all business
  2. Assist in promoting policies at the state and federal level (jobs & economic development, fair taxes, energy, health care, sustainable agriculture, manufacturing, good wages etc.) that help main street businesses, strengthen communities and ensure a strong middle class
  3. Create a statewide coalition that can effectively compete.
  4. Present innovative, business-tested solutions to state economic and environmental challenges.
  5. Provide a vehicle for companies to articulate what sustainable economic development looks like in Ohio.