New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce

Association Members

The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce (NMGCC) and its local chapters are a coalition of New Mexico-owned, independent businesses and organizations dedicated to building healthy economies in New Mexico’s diverse communities.

Through programs such as Think Local First, the NMGCC promotes locally owned, independent businesses that contribute to strong local economies. NMGCC’s Green Certification program provides businesses with resources to make their businesses more energy efficient, thus reducing expenses for business owners and reducing the businesses’ carbon footprints.

The NMGCC seeks to position New Mexico as a leader in creating jobs and investment in New Mexico’s economy with clean, renewable energy. New Mexico is ranked 2nd in the nation for solar potential, 12th for wind potential, and has vast untapped geothermal and biomass resources. The NMGCC is working to promote policies and practices that will create jobs and investment in New Mexico’s local economies through clean energy development. Additionally, recognizing the importance of small business development, the NMGCC is a strong advocate for the interests, development, and growth of small businesses in NM.