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At Freelancers Union we believe all workers should have the freedom to build meaningful, connected, and independent lives – backed by a system of mutual and public support. That is why we offer dental, life, and long-term disability insurance, and a 401(k) retirement plan. In New York, we offer those products as well as health insurance. In order to offer affordable and portable health insurance, we started a social purpose insurance company called Freelancers Insurance Company (FIC) that provides insurance. FIC is the country’s first social-purpose insurance company and currently covers 25,000 people. In the fall, we expect to open Freelancers Medical, a facility in Brooklyn to provide our members with coordinated, affordable primary care under one roof. The Obama Administration recognized the vital role of our innovations and recently awarded Freelancers Union sponsored CO-OPs with $340 million in no-and low-interest loans to bring that model on the health care exchange to new states.