Alliance for Affordable Energy

Association Members

The Alliance for Affordable Energy is committed to promoting a new vision for energy policy in Louisiana, from an “energy state” to a “clean energy” leader in the South.

Coastal Louisiana will face challenges due to climate change like stronger storms and rising sea levels. The Alliance for Affordable Energy is working to develop policy solutions that will decrease global warming pollution. By demanding clean energy, the Alliance works to prevent the worst impacts of global warming and secure our future.

Energy efficiency programs are a win-win because they help families and businesses lower their energy bills while reducing harmful pollution for everyone. The Alliance is very proud to have worked on energy efficiency issues for the past 28 years.

The Alliance monitors regulatory proceedings at both of Louisiana’s utility regulatory bodies: the New Orleans City Council and the Louisiana Public Service Commission. It is the only organization holding electric and gas utilities and regulators accountable. The Alliance ensures that unfair costs are not passed along to ratepayers on their energy bills.