Texas Sustainable Business Council


Texas Sustainable Business Council

Sustainable business innovation is becoming a growing force animated by the common aim of achieving economic development that is compatible with shared prosperity and environmental stewardship. Now, hundreds of thousands of businesses, large and small and across all sectors, prove every day that an expanded definition of success is possible.

Building on their proven approaches, TXSBC is where like-minded businesses are joining together for the purpose of creating a new and dynamic 21st century economy for the Lone Star State based on the “triple bottom line”: people, profit, and planet. As a state affiliate of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), TXSBC and its members are working together to:

  • Constructively influence and shape relevant public policy and legislation at the state level.
  • Amplify the voice of sustainable businesses at the national level.
  • Serve as inspirational models, collaborators and educators for all Texas businesses and organizations that wish to adopt or improve their own triple bottom line strategies and results.


TXSBC believes in the power of a market-based economy. We also believe that to continue enjoying the benefits of market capitalism we need a structure that is good for businesses, for all Texans, for all Americans, and for the seven billion people who share this planet.


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Join us today. When sustainable business leaders show up in the policy process, great things can happen! For starters, both the media and elected officials begin to better understand what it really means to build a successful values-based business.


Take Action

The voice of responsible business is a powerful force for change. At TXSBC we empower businesses to take action for a new resilient economy where people, planet and profit are equally valued. Join us.


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