Support S.1 For the People Act of 2021


Support S.1 For the People Act of 2021

This year, more than 360 bills in 47 states have been introduced to put up barriers to silence our fellow Americans’ voices, especially the voices of Black, Brown, young, disabled, and working class voters. Voting is a fundamental right in our country, and it is up to our elected officials to protect it.  While multiple studies and history have demonstrated that actual voting fraud is a miniscule issue, there is no question that voter participation is a real problem, when turnout rarely involves more than two-thirds of eligible voters and often drops to 50% or below.

Our democratic institutions are the underpinning of a flourishing economy. The principle of “equal justice under law” is as important to our businesses as it is to our civil society and our government. That’s why the American Sustainable Business Council believes it is critical for business leaders to speak out on behalf of an equitable, more transparent electoral system.

The For the People Act targets voter access, campaign finance, election integrity and security, and ethics for three branches of government by:  

  • Voter Access: Expanding voter registration and access. Also limits removing voters from voter roles. In order to carry out congressional redistricting, the bill requires states to establish independent redistricting commissions  
  • Election security: Sharing intelligence information with state election officials, supporting states in securing election systems, developing national strategies to protect U.S. democratic institutions 
  • Campaign finance: Expanding the prohibition on campaign spending by foreign nationals, requiring the additional disclosure of campaign fundraising/spending, additional disclaimers regarding political advertising, and the establishment of an alternative campaign funding system for federal offices  
  • Ethics: Requiring a code of conduct for supreme court justices, prohibiting Members of the House from serving on the board of a for-profit entity, which establishes additional conflict of interest and ethics provisions for federal employees and the White House  

Join the growing number of businesses that defend our democracy by demanding an equitable, more transparent electoral system. By signing this letter, you’re telling the two Senators who represent your state that business leaders support the For the People Act and the Senate needs to promptly pass S.1. 


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