Michael Peck
Co-founder & Executive Director, 1worker1vote


Michael Alden Peck serves as board member (executive and governance committees) for the American Sustainable Business Network and was the 2019 recipient of ASBC’s Sustainable Leaders Award. At ASBN, Michael focuses on three campaigns: “Ownership4All”; “Own The Metrics” – Alternative ESG Human & Social Capital Assets with UNRISD (https://www.unrisd.org/en) + SEE (https://www.socialeconomy.eu.org/-); and Rebuild Social Economy Ukraine through the SEE/ASBN Sustainability Collaboration Partnership announced in December 2020 (https://www.asbnetwork.org/media-release/social-economy-europe-and-american-sustainable-business-council-mark-fifth-anniversary).

Michael serves as executive director & cofounder of 1worker1vote (www.1worker1vote.org & The 1worker1vote/NewsSocial Bridge) emerging from the October 2009 collaboration MOU between the United Steelworkers and Mondragon International. 1worker1vote (NY 501C3) serves as fiscal sponsor for the 2022-2023 Build Mutualism Campaignmutualistsociety.net). Michael also serves as co-founder & managing director of a second for-profit start-up, The Virtuous Cycle Collaboratory (tvc2) – a majority-minority worker cooperative & social enterprise (mission: to “flatten unequal socioeconomic curves into shared prosperity virtuous cycles”).

Michael is a co-editor with Professor Christina Clamp of “Humanity@Work&lifeGlobal Diffusion of the Mondragon Cooperative Ecosystem Experience”, (published 27 March 2023 by Oak Tree Press in Cork, Ireland, in PDF, ePub & printed/paperback edition formats): a collective labor featuring 36 contributors from six countries on three continents proving how solidarity, innovation, and conviction forge sustaining local and global social economy practice on behalf of the greater common good (available on SuccessStore.com).

Additional affiliations include: corporate advisory board, Blue Green Alliance (https://www.bluegreenalliance.org/); board chair, Worx Printing union-coop (www.worxprinting.coop); volunteer staff, Coop Cincy (www.coopcincy.org); board member, NewsSocial Cooperative (https://www.newssocial.co.uk/ NewsSocial: A platform for news sharing and community wealth building and part of the Preston/UK Cooperative Development Network/PCDN – https://prestoncoopdevelopment.org/about/).


  • MAPA Group consultancy founder/president during its 25-year run (1994-2019) throughout “Iberoamerica”, focusing mainly on Spanish renewable energy companies jump-starting the USA “green jobs” movement; serving as International Delegate (1999–2019) for USA & Canada on behalf of MONDRAGON (https://www.mondragon-corporation.com/en/about-us/)
  • Prior to founding his first company in 1994, Michael served as a naval officer on active duty (1976 – 1983) overseas onboard two Sixth Fleet flagships (Mediterranean Sea), winning the competitive Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe Leadership award in 1981 while posted as the U.S. Navy’s representative to France’s Naval Academy at Lanveoc Poulmic (1981 – 1983), completing twenty years of service (May 1976 – May 1996) as a Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserves.
  • Michael served as a defense and economic development legislative assistant to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader (1984-86); as executive assistant (1986-88) to the President of the BDM Corporation (who held concurrent positions as Virginia’s Council of Higher Education chair and co-chaired the national Democratic Party Business and Finance Councils up through the 1992 presidential elections); and as a senior vice president for corporate business development at SAIC (1988-94), then the nation’s largest employee-owned, applied R&D company with its own internal stock market.
  • Michael holds degrees from Rice University (1976) where he received the English Department senior honors thesis award and commission in the U.S. Navy upon graduation, and from the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS 1983-1985) completing a two-year degree program in three semesters while working full-time on Capitol Hill. Michael studied as a Rice University Schlumberger foundation award recipient at the Sorbonne and the Institute of Political Science in Paris, France (1974-75).