Michael Peck
Co-founder & Executive Director, 1worker1vote


Michael Alden Peck is executive director & cofounder of the non-profit worker ownership  movement, 1worker1vote (www.1worker1vote.org); co-founder & managing director of a second for-profit start-up, The Virtuous Cycle Collaboratory (tvc2) – a worker cooperative  & social enterprise whose mission is to “flatten unequal socioeconomic curves into shared prosperity virtuous cycles”; board member of the American Sustainable Business Network  (https://www.asbnetwork.org/) that includes the Social Venture Circle (https://svcimpact.org/) and the American Sustainable Business Council (www.asbcouncil.org) where Michael serves as board secretary (and was the 2019 recipient of ASBC’s Sustainable Leaders Award annually presented “to a combination of members of Congress, Administration official, ASBC members and/or a journalist” recognizing “foresight and commitment shown by public and private sector leaders in championing public policies that help build a more just, inclusive and sustainable economy”, specifically for “Leadership in Promoting Worker Ownership”);  Blue Green Alliance (https://www.bluegreenalliance.org/) corporate advisory board member; Worx Printing union-coop volunteer board chair (www.worxprinting.coop); Coop Cincy (www.coopcincy.org) volunteer staff member; former International Delegate (1999–2019) representing USA & Canada for MONDRAGON (https://www.mondragon-corporation.com/en/about-us/), and MAPA Group Inc. founder & president during its 25 year run (1994-2019).