Ashely Orgain
Global Director, Advocacy & Sustainability, Seventh Generation


As the Global Director of Advocacy and Sustainability for Seventh Generation, Ashley serves as a senior leader for the Company’s Mission at global and regional levels and for the U.S. based Corporate Consciousness team. Ashley leads key facets of the work articulated in Seventh Generation’s mission — To Transform the World into a Healthy, Sustainable and Equitable Place for the Next Seven Generations. She is responsible for overall vision and strategy to achieve success against as the company’s long- and short-term sustainability goals.

Ashley serves on Seventh Generation’s senior leadership team, contributing to overall company policy development and direction and sustaining a culture of mission orientation.

In 2010, she became the first President of the Seventh Generation Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting social and environmental progress through education, conservation, research and advocacy.

Ashley received her Green MBA in Environmental and Organizational Sustainability from Antioch University New England.  And her B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont.