In the Wake of Today’s Events, the American Sustainable Business Council Released The Following Statement From Ceo Jeffrey Hollender And President David Levine


WASHINGTON, DC, January 6, 2021 — In the wake of today’s events, the American Sustainable Business Council released the following statement from CEO Jeffrey Hollender and President David Levine.

“The assault on our nation’s Capitol is sad and horrifying, but unfortunately is the culmination of serious and repeated attacks on our democracy, and too many who now condemn the mob either enabled the lies and lawless behavior or at best averted their eyes.  This behavior is not only unacceptable, but those responsible, as well as those who encouraged and incited it, must be held accountable.  

“This riot was frankly an act of domestic terrorism and was both a physical and symbolic desecration of the citadel of our republic, a citadel long recognized around the world as the representation of the rule of law and government of the people. But as disgusting and dangerous as today’s events were, we should neither have been surprised nor unprepared. While the mob attacked from the outside, members of Congress inside the building were in the midst of their very own assault on democracy, challenging a free and fair election with no basis or evidence. Just yesterday, ASBC and over 100 of our members, including Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia and Seventh Generation called on members of Congress to defend democracy by not challenging an election that local, state and federal election experts, the U.S. Attorney General and dozens of courts have found it was fair and free of any serious issues, notwithstanding the repeated lies of President Trump and his allies, lies he repeated tonight even as he told the mob occupying the Capitol that he loved them.

“As such, we call on Congress to move as quickly as possible to unanimously confirm the Electoral College victory of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris. 

“We call on Vice President Pence and the current Cabinet to execute the provisions of the 25thAmendment to remove Donald Trump immediately to avoid further violence and his efforts to undermine our democracy.

“We finally call on Congress to impeach and convict Donald J. Trump of high crimes against the United States to protect our democracy by assuring he is no longer eligible to serve in any federal office.

“It is time to recommit ourselves to our values and our principles, on which we depend on our ability to restore our economy, overcome this pandemic and rebuild a better and more equitable and just society. US business organizations and individual businesses from all sectors must stand together now to reclaim our democracy.”