COVID-19 Response


In one of several executive orders addressing COVID-19, the Biden Harris administration has announced their plan to expand access to COVID-19 Care. This executive order will expand studies aiming to develop therapies for COVID-19 and potential future public health threats. These therapies will be made available to rural hospitals and underrepresented populations, as part of an effort to provide increased support to healthcare facilities.

The American Sustainable Business Network has supported state funding for public hospitals, as well as expanding the scope of contact tracing and testing. As part of the report, “State and Local Recommendations for Reopening the Economy”, the ASBN has made recommendations in surrounding testing, tracing, and access to healthcare in order to ensure no American is left without aid against COVID-19.

Another executive order establishes a COVID-19 pandemic testing board to help coordinate and organize a COVID-19 response on both the federal and state level. Additionally, the executive order creates a public health workforce program, with jobs for testing, tracing, and vaccination efforts.

The ASBN is pleased to see this undertaking by the White House to stop the pandemic. We will pay close attention to the efforts of the pandemic testing board and public health workforce.

Finally, the Biden-Harris administration has issued an executive order on ensuring an equitable pandemic response and recovery. The executive order creates a task force focused on making recommendations to the President and implementing solutions to mitigate the disparity in access to COVID-19 treatment for underserved populations.

The American Sustainable Business Network has worked on several campaigns to extend family paid leave provisions and help pass stimulus measures. These campaigns help highlight our work in mitigating the inequity exacerbated by COVID-19, and they reflect our continual commitment to equity for all.

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