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Making the Business Case

These reports contain clear and compelling business and economic benefits exist for our policy positions. In fact, most of our policy positions include ones that have been painted by others as bad for business. These documents can be used to help educate policymakers and others about how policies based on sustainable principles can be good for all stakeholders, including the planet.

Business case for EPA action on clean water


ASBC regularly conducts polling of small business owners nationwide. In recent years polling has covered several policy areas:

Clean Water

Small business owners recognize that clean water is crucial for their companies, and for the economy at large. Clear majorities support strong regulations to protect waterways, particularly a federal proposal currently under consideration. Read or download the complete report.

White Papers

ASBC has released several reports which take an in-depth look into important sustainability issues:

Clean Water in the Upper Mississippi River Basin: Economic Importance, Threats, and Opportunities

Water is one of our nation’s priceless resources, essential to life itself. Healthy ecosystems and a robust economy depend on plentiful, clean water — and unlike almost all other resources water has no substitute. It’s why businesses in all sectors support protecting clean water — whether as a direct component of their operations or simply to keep their communities and employees healthy. And in the Upper Mississippi River Basin (UMRB), clean water is big business. American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) has worked tirelessly to support legislation protecting and improving our clean water supplies. Read or download the complete report.