Businesses for Conservation and Climate Action

Our vision

Increasing climate-driven pressures and extreme events, new and continued efforts to industrialize lands and waters, and struggling resource-dependent communities demand that the U.S. set a new course for ocean and land conservation governance and climate action. The challenges are complex and urgent; the solutions must be innovative, comprehensive, and locally-driven, with Indigenous leadership at the forefront. We must act now and we must act together, which is why we are building Businesses for Conservation and Climate Action (BCCA).

Developing creative policy approaches to secure a positive climate future for all is a generational mission for businesses and the environment alike. New global conservation initiatives, like the 30×30 campaign, often begin with scientists and NGOs and sometimes fail to embrace the power that cooperating with business interests can bring. But enacting sweeping sustainability policies does not have to be a zero-sum game for small and medium businesses. Visionary new policies and environmental wins can be developed and achieved if they are championed with strong representation and well constructed messaging delivered to the right audiences at the right time. Our proposed Business Alliance is the ideal, diverse voice to meet this moment.

We believe that we must integrate, not separate. Our Alliance is formed around the collective vision that solutions between humans and nature are rooted in rediscovering our place within the global environment and having the humility and ambition to embrace this role. Our mission is to establish national policies that recognize sustainable small businesses as compatible with healthy lands and oceans, and to enhance rather than exclude these sustainable businesses from conversations about resource access at every step of the decision-making process. Our work will be guided by a firm commitment to social equity, local and traditional wisdom, and triple bottom line solutions that restore social, ecological and economic health.

Founding Partners:
American Sustainable Business Council, Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association, Aleut Community of St Paul Island Tribal Government, Afognak Native Corporation, Local First Arizona, Massachusetts Sustainable Business Network, Native Conservancy, North American Marine Alliance, North Carolina Business Council, NY Sustainable Business Council, New Jersey Sustainable Business Council, P3 Utah, Rosebud Sioux Economic Development Corporation, Salmon State, South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.  

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